Hi! My name is Stephen Solis-Reyes. I was the CTO of a revolutionary healthcare-focused AI startup.

You can check out my LinkedIn, GitHub, or Facebook pages, if you’d like.

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My research

I was a Master’s student in Computer Science at The University of Western Ontario. I worked with Dr. Lila Kari in her lab, on a general and powerful method for supervised classification of DNA sequences. Here’s my thesis, as well as the user-friendly classification tool, curated datasets, and efficient underlying generation code I developed for the project. I’m also co-author of a paper which came out of this project.

I’m also co-author of another paper on related work with a neat quantitative method of visualizing genome relatedness we call Molecular Distance Maps (try it online, and see some code I developed for it) – that work was together with Rallis Karamichalis.